closeup modular stool


The beauty, continuity and the illusions in 1960’s and -70’s patterns and textile art inspired me to create modular furniture in the same spirit. In this design process I developed playful shapes that can be combined in multiple ways to create furniture made for users in different moods.  

 Monamon is an assembly, and it can change shape and feature and therefore its purpose by adjusting the position of its modular parts. The collection of furniture in the series MonaMon has the ability to change, and this makes it usable for both private and public situations.  

 The rotatable and three-dimensional hexagon can be stacked both horizontally and vertically. The overall idea is that MonaMon can appear in different colours and materials.  

 As a seat of furniture, MonaMon is for one or many users, you decide.  

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modular stools painted wood and pillowsthree modular stools wood and textilemodular stools wood and textile