noun: display. an act or instance of displaying; exhibition: a display of courage. an ostentatious show. 

The current pandemic has caused a shift in how we live and relate. It has caused sorrow and isolation, but also opened up for new alternatives and methods of self-organization. In the absence of external stimulance we have found time and opportunity to look inward, time for reflection. As students at Konstfack: interior architecture and furniture design bachelor´s programme, this has meant challenges as well as possibilities to do things differently, to seek new ways to move forward and to communicate – display – our work. 

We live in a time simultaneously of disruption and play. At Konstfack, we use this experience as a springboard to explore topics such as design, history, psychology, manufacturing, crafts and art, through the creation of physical objects. To show that we can live in a time of display and expression. 

In the exhibition Dis-played, you will meet objects where the main role is playfulness and craftsmanship. And where we together show personal expression and versatility. We invite you to a fantasy that is greater than the possibilities and that is displayed for everyone to take part in. 

This exhibition is a part of Stockholm Design week 8-14/2. The event of Stockholm design week is a  celebration of Scandinavian design. Link to their website is located in the menu.

Amanda Lis-Karin Eriksson, Julia Hager Jutterström, Kristoffer Knudsen, Stina Larsson, Linn Olsson, Julia Rydbo, Ingrid Segring Björklund and Louise Tungården: Students in Interior architecture and Furniture design Konstfack.










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