closeup on bench in aluminium and wood


A romantic anthropology translating our surroundings in the everyday object – a homage to what seems to be an ever changing scenery.

Public environments are often set and defined by its long tradition of sharing what’s defined as “common”. Every object and its significations reflect the current and reveal traces of past landscapes. This project is an investigation where I speculate how designers are opting to share values beyond the desired function.

What could be translated through annotations of time?

I have explored an alternative surface allowing the material to be evaluated as it implies an industrial process with set standards. Understanding the procedure of casting aluminium and its limitations created what has become an untreated,    dis-modified structure, re-created from qualities found in nature. Shapes and materials are designed to reflect diverse climates, temperatures and traces of time as a beneficial idea, without compromising on function. An example where the surrounding conditions rather become part of the properties of the bench – instead of designing for maintenance free environments. This allows the object to be affected by the landscape and its habitat, which develops a site-specific relation.

Casted aluminium and larch wood assembles a gracefully aging bench for indoor and outdoor settings, manifesting what may be a sustainable way of evaluating a public object’s initial purpose.

Landscape annotations are produced in collaboration with The Swedish aluminium manufacturer Byarums bruk. – a big thank you for your contribution of guidance, production and sponsored material.

Linn Olsson


front picture bench aluminium and wood perspective bench aluminium and bench closeup molded aluminium and milled wood