closeup on wooden shelf with aluminium pieces


The core idea for this shelf unit comes from a very simple observation. In a digital environment the sole purpose of a representation of an object is to convince the observer that the space is for a human to experience. Therefore the object must resemble our preconceived vision of such an object. 

 One could argue that the opposite implies in our physical reality. The viewer’s connotations and the conventional standards for such an object does not have to be achieved. One does simply have to be able to put something on top of it to believe it’s a shelf.  

This was a starting point for the design process. I played with the tools interior architects and furniture designers use in programs for digital drawing and converted them into physical pieces, which I embodied in a shelf unit. 

 Executed in pine wood and aluminium. 

 Kristoffer Knudsen   /  @kristofferknudsen_ 


perspective view wooden shelf with aluminium pieces closeup wooden shelf with aluminium pieces wooden shelf with aluminium pieces seen from front