closeup on chair of wood and sheepskin closeup on chair of wood and leather


The design of Birthe is an attempt to reminisce the feeling of an embracing hug. With materials, shapes and emotion. The overall aim with the design is to recreate the sensation of comfort and security.  

 During the process, I have explored how the material can be well integrated with shapes in the work with the chairs, I have put a lot of consideration to tactility and how the materials can affect its users when other people can’t.  

 The chairs, with the name Birthe, are made of ash tree and wool, oak and leather. The materials, which I have chosen with care for both its users and a sustainable future are natural and durable that last over time and will age beautifully. Objects made of these materials generate a slow and beautiful aging and the patina will become a part of the chair’s future.   

 Julia Rydbo  /  /  @juliarydbo


two chairs made of wood sheepskin and leather