Opportunities for conversation have become scarcer, but while we can’t get close to each other in those spontaneous ways we used to enjoy, we still retain the basic human need for intimacy. Some things are harder to talk about at a distance. The need for intimate moments to continue despite practicing social distancing are obvious. The 2D world is nice, it creates many great opportunities, but we can’t deny the need of physical presence and along with it, human warmth.

In this project I’ve been creating a scenography for a conversation. It’s a carpet divided in to pieces that you can make different set-ups depending on what kinds of conversion you are planning on having – artist talk on a stage or a private conversation.

This rug isn’t the solution, but it wants to be an invitation to those intimate moments, shared thoughts, and ideas – but with a monitored and safe distance between us.

Amanda Lis-Karin Eriksson